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The Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov


The Three Sisters

In a small rural Virginia town, three sisters (Olga, Irina, and Masha) and their brother Andrei live with their father, while daily dreaming of returning to their former home, New York City. Soldiers from the local military base, Fort Lee, provide them some companionship, but there is still something clearly missing in each of their lives…

Olga attempts to find satisfaction in teaching but secretly longs for a home and family. Masha, unhappy with her marriage, falls hopelessly in love with a married colonel.  And while Irina works at a call center she longs to be a part of the party scene in the city.

Will these women find what is missing in each of them?  Please join The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company this fall as we re-examine this timeless, classic piece of theatre!

Performance Dates for “The Three Sisters”

Sept. 13th – Sept. 30th

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Performances of “The Three Sisters”  will be at

 The Player’s Theatre

115 MacDougal Street

Manhattan, NY 10012

MTA: West 4th Street- A, C, E, B, D, F